Marriage Counseling

Are you feeling stuck, bored, disappointed, or unhappy in your marriage or relationship? Perhaps you want to take your relationship to the next level.

We understand these feelings and we can help you to identify the root issues in your marriage so that you and your partner can have the relationship you want.

There are many reasons to seek marriage counseling. Perhaps you and your partner are experiencing a difficult life transition. Maybe communications have changed between you and your spouse, or have become more distant, or raised issues of trust. Or if you aren’t feeling the comfort and ease you once felt in the relationship, you don’t see “eye to eye” as you once did…You might be asking: “Where’s the love?”

Whatever your reason may be – whether it’s communication, negative feelings, children and parenting, money, sex, in-laws, lifestyle differences, the threat of an affair, or something else…

Marriage Counseling

Please call us. We have helped couples over the years talk honestly and intimately about their relationship, explore and make decisions on what they really want, rediscover what drew them together and build upon it to have the marriage they dreamed of having when one proposed and the other said “yes”.

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