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Child & Adolescent Counseling & Therapy

Child Therapy

Is your child withdrawn, seemingly stuck or struggling? Does it feel more like a crisis than a “phase?”

Imagine the difference you can make providing your child with the space and tools to understand and cope with their feelings.

At McAllaster our clinicians work to identify and understand what your child is facing. We pinpoint realistic ways to cope and move forward.


Adult & Couples Counseling & Therapy

Adult Therapy

Therapy is for everyone, not just people with a mental health diagnosis. Talking to a therapist about your emotional health, for individuals and couples alike, is considered preventative care for your mental health.

Importantly, therapy is a deliberate step to take control of your mental health and take care of yourself.

At McAllaster Counseling we help you change the behaviors holding you back, learn to manage unhealthy behaviors and build relationship skills.

McAllaster Team

McAllaster Counseling is here for you.

Our approach invites you to come with your questions, uncertainties and desire for change. We work with you to identify the options and best steps to achieve your desired outcome.

We seek to understand what you’re going through – with compassion. Our experience allows us to visualize, then guide you towards achieving the outcome you envision.

We take pride in creating relationships built on trust and understanding. Our clinicians skillfully make you feel understood and supported.

We’re approachable, pragmatic, realistic and always professional. Simply said, we are relatable.

Our Clinicians

Amy McAllaster

Amy McAllaster M.A., M.A., LPC

LIsa Frize

Lisa Frize M.A., LPC

Morgan Connet

Morgan Connet LPCC

Liza Fox MA, LPCC

The McAllaster Logo

The McAllaster & Associates Counseling logo is a stylized version of the navigational compass rose.

Symbolically, the compass rose represents direction, awakening and discovery…defining the role orientation factors into our counseling.

Our approach is to show clients a “map” with routes, options and outcomes. Approaching the journey with guidance makes the process effective. Our goal is to bring clients back to their core while achieving alignment with their objectives.

Each of us at McAllaster and Associates strive to discover your true north as the constant focus in our journey with you.